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The 2nd OpenLab open call is closed

Thank you for your interest in the 2nd OpenLab open call. The call is closed now.

Results of 2nd open call

OpenLab, a project currently active in the Seventh Framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities contributing to the creation of the European research area and to innovation (2007-2013) required the participation of new partners to carry out certain tasks within the project. In particular the tasks pertained to the execution of innovative experiments that demonstrate technological expertise, scientific novelty and quality in the area of Future Internet.

The call was announced in October 2012 and was advertised through several related channels, in particular through relevant e-mail lists. It was also advertised on and A submission portal was setup, accessible at

Following the evaluations by six independent experts, a prioritized list of proposals for consideration was consented. The consensus meeting was attended by an observer appointed by the EC to confirm the fairness and transparency of the process.

In total 15 proposals were received. 7 of these proposals were submitted by 2 partners, so that the total number of unique organisations proposing experiments is 21, considering that one organisation was involved in two proposals. These 21 organisations originate in 11 countries; 10 from Europe and one from US.

The total cost of the proposals was around 2,065 Mio € and the proposers asked for about 1.456 Mio € EC contribution. The total resources offered are 275 person-months (PMs). From the European organisations, Spanish offer 74 PMs, Serbian and Portuguese 36 PMs each, Italian 34.5 PMs, Greek 32.0 PMs. The average size of the proposals is 18.3 PMs. The largest proposal is 26 PMs, the smallest proposal is 8 PMs

The cost range of the proposals is between 98.6 K€ and 249 K€, while the requested EC contribution ranges from 75.5 K€ and 118.9 K€. The average cost of the proposals is about 137.7 K€, while the average requested EC contribution is about 97.1 K€. Notably all proposers adhered to the recommendation to propose small experiments in the range of 100 K€.

Ten proposals passed the threshold and four could be invited for negotiations, up the limit of 376,012 € that was available for the first open call. The winning proposals are available at the experiments pages.