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OpenLab demonstrations at FIA Aalborg

OpenLab will demonstrate an excerpt from its many experimentation opportunities to the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) participants at the upcoming FIA Aalborg in May. The demonstrations will be on the 10 May 2011 in the foyer of the event location.

1. PlanetLab-NITOS federation

This demo presents experimentation on the field of association mechanisms in wireless networks, in a combined wired and wireless environment. The scenario consists of a wireless station operating in the coverage area of two available access-points. The STA is sending traffic to a remote destination (in the wired network) through the Internet. The goal of the node is to get associated with the AP that gives the best end-to-end delay over the wired-wireless path. In order to provide a proper experimental setup that consists of both wired and wireless networks, we established a federated environment between the NITOS wireless testbed, located at the premises of the  University of Thessaly, and the large-scale distributed Planetlab Europe wired testbed. This demo shows the federation approach we followed and provides some interesting results regarding experimentation in the combined experimental architecture. The whole experiment is orchestrated through the OMF control and management framework.

2. Remote control of mobile robots for setting up (controlled) mobility scenarios during mobile & wireless experiments

This demo will show how to remotely control the mobile robots in the W-iLab.t testbed in Ghent. During the demo, a live video feed will show the movement of the robots in the testbed. As the W-iLab.t testbed is fully OMF compatible, the robots will also be controlled by OMF. We will show how to define mobility patterns in the OMF experiment description language. This way, the users can define a fixed path for the robots to follow during their experiment. The exact position of the robots can be determined at any time during the experiment. We will also show how experiment data from the robots is collected through the OML measurement framework. All of the above functionality will be demonstrated by setting up a wireless experiment which will show the relevance of introducing mobility in a wireless testbed. One example could be to test the accuracy of a positioning algorithm for sensor networks. Using the robots as mobile nodes, we can measure the difference between the real position (determined by the control framework) and the position calculated by the algorithm.

3. OpenFlow and P2P integrated testing

The demo will demonstrate how it is possible to use OpenLab tools with OpenFlow configuration. In more detail the demo will use the Federation Scenario toolkit for describing the experiment, including some potential federated resources from OpenLab. Then mechanisms like Resource Adapters and the Panlab Testbed Manager will be used to configure the testbed. The aim of the demonstration will be to show what are the possibilities with OpenLab tools for future experimentation.