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OpenLab 2nd technical review, 23 October 2013, Athens
Sunday, 22.09.2013 00:00 00:00 Age: 307 Days

OpenLab proposes OpenSFA

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OpenSFA is intended as a step towards creating a globally-agreed upon standard for the Slice-based Facility Architecture, or SFA. At the time of writing, there exist a number of written SFA specifications and functioning implementations (and the two do not always match). They tend to be associated with given projects or national initiatives. While this initiative also has its origins in a specific context, we invite others to join with us in creating an specification that spans projects and national boundaries.For more information see the OpenSFA pages and Open Multinet.

Friday, 03.05.2013 00:00 00:00 Age: 1 Years

UPMC inaugurates Onelab NOC

Category: News

The Onelab testbed, part of OpenLab, inaugurates its NOC

On 3rd May 2013, and during a meeting with OpenLab project members and representatives from the FIRE unit of the European Commission, UPMC - Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, inaugurated the Network Operation Centre of the Onelab facility. The Onelab facility embraces the PlanetLab Europe, which is federated with PlanetLab global.

Prof. Serge Fdida, co-ordinator of OpenLab, said that the NOC represents an important step towards the diffusion of research results into an operational facility that is sustainable in the long term, service education and innovation.

Onelab is federated with many other testbeds worldwide.


OpenFlow support in PlanetLab now available

PlanetLab Europe (PLE) now supports OpenFlow capabilities through a modified version of OpenVSwtich called sliver-ovs.

Experimenters will be able to create an OpenFlow overlay network by specifying the links between PLE nodes. PlanetLab Europe support must be contacted to obtain a private IP subnet for your slice before setting up the OpenFlow network. 

More information ...

2nd OpenLab open call is closed

Thank you for your interest in the 2nd OpenLab open call. The call is closed now and results of the call are expected to be available, mid-April 2013.